Why Fly – Qantas (Rob Stanton-Cook)

April 8, 2016

Rob Stanton-Cook has added yet another moving story to his reel, showing us reasons people fly with Qantas.

‘Why Fly’ is the newest marketing campaign by Qantas, and focuses on the company’s most important asset. It’s staff.

Not only does Rob deliver spectacular cinematic visuals,  he also manages to tell a series of very emotional, real and uncontrived stories that go beyond the veneer of each of the characters.

One of the 90-second films tells us the story of Rachel Bacon, a ground engineer, who is obsessed with order and re-checking everything she does – even aligning the magnetic scrabble tiles on her fridge and sorting her M&Ms into colours. Now that’s attention to detail.

This series was a collaboration with the fine folks at BWM.

Check out the other episodes in the ‘Why Fly’ series below:




More of Rob’s work can be seen here.


Content Production:  Infinity Squared
Rob Stanton-Cook – Director
Annie Schutt – Executive Producer
Agency: BWM
Rob Belgiovane – Chief Creative Officer
Asheen Naidu – Executive Creative Director
Sarah Parris – Senior Art Director
Kevin MacNamara – Senior Copywriter
Bonnie Ledsam – Senior Account Manager
Claire Seffrin – Senior Onscreen Producer
Simon Holdaway – Senior Print Producer



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