Welcome to the Memes of January 2017

January 25, 2017

Surely everyone can admit that those two months that make up the end of a year and the beginning of a new year are more or less, write-offs.

Between all the festive events and the finding yourself, it’s probably safe to say that there’s not a whole lot of productivity going on in your life in December and too much productivity going on in January.

Hello, I’m a youth and I’m here to present to you something no-one expected (mostly because nobody gaf)… a review on memes.

With the current state of the world, the uncertainty was palpable but I naively chose to believe that the internet’s consistency would never fail me. How wrong I was.

Salt Bae. A delicious Turkish chef, colourfully seasoning his meat.


The Memeluminati were suspiciously quiet over the busy period—My theory being that actual people are needed to create memes but they were probably busy eating ham too.

By the second week of the year and with the optimism of a student completing their assignment the night before it’s due, the internet had pulled out this lacklustre attempt at a meme.

Without wanting to go all ‘Leave Britney alone!’ on y’all, a passionate dude sexy, sexy, passionate dude sprinkling salt in a flamboyant way, does not a good meme make.

Other cute phrases include “I’m about to start swinging”.


Danielle trickled — trickled because the macro is technically from October, which in meme years is like, over 9000–into our newsfeed. Granted, the phrase immediately entered our online vernacular as the appropriate reaction to being challenged, ‘cash me ousside’ was a pretty short lived luhl.

Suddenly, Doomsday was upon us and the world watched in awe as a toupeed Cheeto was sworn into the highest position of power in the US. The only positive was that, true to form, DT did make memes great again.

From people savaging Conway’s atrociously patriotic attire:


To Michelle’s, D- poker face:

And other such misc hilarity:

Fair to say, these me memes made us laugh so hard we forgot we were crying.

Here’s to February.

— Penned by a millennial who understands the internet is more than just cat videos and Pinterest

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