Thought-provokingly Beautiful Emma Louise: ‘Illuminate’ by Dylan Duclos

October 25, 2016

Dylan Duclos has teamed up once again with the ever talented Emma Louise to create a stunning music video for “illuminate” the latest single from Supercry. This time creating a dystopian-like world through surreal black blue top lighting and stunning choreography.

With ‘Illuminate’ we wanted to focus on the loneliness and isolation everyone experiences at one point in time in their life. Jason Winters, the choreographer, did a beautiful job in constructing a narrative through movements that spoke to those themes. The idea around light and dark stems from the creatures who are trapped in the dark, and Emma is the light they are drawn to.

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Directed by Dylan Duclos
Produced by Morgan Taylor & Stef Smith
Director Of Photography Aaron McLisky
1st Assistant Camera Matt Floyd
Choreography by Jason Winters
Gaffer Tommy Hankinson
Grip Josh Hamill
Production Design & Costume Stef Smith
Hair & Makeup Emily Onikul
Editor Brad Hurt
Colourist Matt Fezz
Production Assistant Domenica Roebuck

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