Unskippable Youtube Ads

April 29, 2016


Google has released an interesting report, around the art of creating unskippable ads. Where as we love some of the insights provided in this article, we always take this stuff with a pinch of salt. It’s easy to post rationalise anything – however when working creatively, great ideas and execution should also be taken into account. Compelling content will always win, especially if designed to be social or socialised from the outset. What do you think?

In summary, here’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in Youtube Ads:
– 79% of Aussies say they actually like skippable ads as it puts them back in control of viewing content which is relevant or interesting to them
Good: Including humour and celebrities are the best ways to keep your YouTube ads interesting. Including the brand early on helps with recall and engagement.
Bad: People are more likely to skip your ad if branding is not ‘thoughtfully’ inserted i.e. An overload of branding and logos for no apparent reason will get the viewer to remember you for all the wrong reasons.
Ugly: It seems strange to have to point out that lack relevancy is the ultimate sin when it comes to why users skip an ad. 60% of viewers said the message either wasn’t relevant to them or they weren’t interested in the product / service. In short, don’t go in blind… make sure to dish ’em up to those who are hungry.

Here are some examples (from us and others) of ads you wouldn’t want to skip:

Why we dig it:
Made for YouTube audiences in mind, it’s irreverent and introduces a fun button above the skip button which allows you to skip right to Prickly’s untimely death, ultimately getting the user to fast forward to see the branding… genius!

Why we dig it:
How do you revive a show that’s 10 years old? By reminding it’s viewers about funny episodes based on the YouTube videos they are searching!

Why we dig it:
Made with audience in mind and solely for YouTube as a spin-off of Toyota’s ‘Anything Goes’ campaign.
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