Sydney Folk & i2 – Insta Meet

June 5, 2015

On the weekend, we teamed up with the awesome ‘grammers of @SydneyFolk to host our first ever Insta Meet, right here at i2 HQ.
To get you FOMO’ing, we thought we’d share the agenda of yesterday’s meet…


Introduction to Sydney Folk (Vinh Pham, Denise Kwong & Rob Mulally)
Talk to Someone New | Encouraging Instagrammers to mingle & meet other ‘grammers from their community
WHP | Instagram’s weekly ‘Weekend Hashtag Project’ encourages Instagrammers to create new content for that week’s hashtag (this week’s was #WHPhairplay)
Dee’s Hairplay | Dee directs a Hairplay photoshoot
Your Hairplay | Using our new friends as models, the Instagrammers found inspiration in their surroundings
Rob’s Hairplay | Rob directs Dee in his vision for #WHPhairplay which resulted in @ellocofish getting facepalmed with talcum powder & inspiring more photos
Live Edits | Each member of Sydney Folk took us through how they edit their photos prior to uploading (Lightroom, VSCOcam, Google Snapseed, etc)
Building a Following | Sydney Folk explain the importance of captions, hashtags & feature accounts
Wrap Up | Rob shows us his #mulallyman live!

It was an absolute overload of creativity, hair and talcum powder. We can’t wait for the next one!

Here are some of our favourite posts from the workshop using the hashtags #infinity2syd #sydneyfolk as well as some Behind The Scenes.


Rob Mulally | @robmulally
BTS Rob Mulally
Vinh Pham
Denise Kwong | @twistdee
Trevor Lawrence | @ellocofish target=”_blank”
BTS Trevor Lawrence
Tim Northey | @tk_north
Sylvia Leo | @sylvialeo

Anderson Lam | @organicchiaseeds
Luciana S | @lucys9

Melissa Evans | @leftofthemiddle
Vincent Piccolo | @iamthefussykid
Group Photo