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June 19, 2017
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Viceland – The Time Kanye and Ninja of Die Antwoord Played Basketball at Drake’s

What: An insight to the fabricated lifestyles of celebrities

Why: Explains why some celebs choose to keep to themselves.


Kmart – Ship My Pants Commercial 

What – If they can’t find an item in store, customers can get the item online, shipped to them for free.

Why – The play on words sells the idea in an amusing way


Apple – The Apocalypse

What – Embellished take on what may happen if apps disappeared, urges their creation.

Why – Shows our dependency on apps through comically undermining our existence


The Dry July Foundation, Clemenger BBDO Sydney – Dry July 2017

What – At first, seemingly hungover man though, in actuality, cancer patient asking his mate to do Dry July

Why – Help people affected by cancer by raising donations through giving up drinking


Swedish Tourist Association – The Swedish Number

What – People around the world can dial a random Swedish person and ask them questions about the country.

Why – To promote Swedish notions of free speech and increase tourism in the region through personal testimonies.

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