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March 15, 2017

Our Top 5

TOYOTA – ‘Built for Families. Designed for Attention.’

WHAT: Gorgeous lady in shiny new car and an appreciative audience. What could go wrong? 
We always love a short, snappy play on a cliche, and this one integrates seamlessly with the key messaging.


CASEY NEISTAT – Do What You Can’t

WHAT: Youtuber Casey Neistat creates a video refuting the phrase ‘you can’t’.
WHY: A high energy video that gives a shot of optimism to the new generation of creators, in a world where no one knows anything. Dare we say it made us feel tentatively inspired?


BBC – Children interrupt live broadcast

WHAT: Work from home, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.
WHY: Okay this strictly isn’t an ad, but it’s viral and we can bet it made more people see the BBC logo than any other ‘official’ ad it’s pulled out recently. A classic viral video gets better every time you watch it – and this is one of them. The daughter’s swag, the baby rollin’ in, mum (not a nanny) sliding in, panicked, to the rescue, the possible implication Dad was doing a typical Skype thing


HEINZ – ‘Pass the Heinz’

WHAT: Heinz recreates Don Draper’s rejected Mad Men ad, crediting it to both the fictional agency and Heinz’s current agency
 Minimalism ages well, as does the ‘Got Milk?’ strategy of letting someone’s imagination do the work in an ad. On a meta level, this is also tapping into an ardent Mad Men fanbase and ties into the 10th anniversary of the series’ premiere — two birds, one stone.


HBO – ‘Game of Thrones Premiere Reveal’

HBO made their fans literally watch ice melt to find out the premiere date of Season 7.
WHY: We love that….they got this so wrong. This started as a great idea – a great fit to brand and a way to get fans engaged in a shared live experience. It fell apart because (presumably) no one gave the block of ice a test run to make sure it could melt in a reasonable amount of time, or checked that their Facebook Live servers could handle the sheer volume of Game of Thrones fans logging on. On the plus side, the Twitter comments were spicy AF.




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