Stuff We Dig This Week

February 20, 2017

Our Top 5

KOLSHIK – ‘Leningrad’
WHAT: Reverse carnage meets spellbinding cinematography.
WHY: You’ve already seen this short film – everyone’s been sharing it and for good reason: the sheer audacity of this project would be noteworthy in itself but combined with such flawless execution, it’s no surprise this is well on its way to going viral.

AUDIBLE – ‘Listen To Your Book feat. Craig McLachlan & Jordan Raskopoulos’

WHAT: A Roxette cover for the ages.
WHY WE DIG IT: Lead singer of Axis of Awesome, Jordan Raskopoulos, is a super compelling performer, add Craig ‘Motherfuckin’ McLachlan to the mix and you’re cooking with fire. This is the first local original campaign from Audible and it’s already making waves for it’s focus on entertainment not advertising – amazing work that we can’t wait to see more of!

WHAT: A bad lip reading of The Empire Strikes Back.
WHY WE DIG IT: Just when you think Bad Lip Reading’s day in the sun might be over they come back with another addictive serving of irreverent nonsense. Yoda being attacked by seagulls is already funny but the song they’ve set it to is legitimately good – we can’t get enough.


ALLEN’S LOLLIES – ‘#HappyDoodleDay’
WHAT: Incorporating user-generated content in an innovative, original way.
WHY WE DIG IT: Allen’s capitalised on #HappyDoodleDay in a manner that was both true to their target consumers and their brand – a reminder that sometimes the simplest ideas are the strongest.

LIFEHACKER – ‘The Importance of Empathy’
WHAT: Pretty much what the title says.
WHY: Watch this video and ask yourself if you’re doing enough to understand other’s perspectives – you’ll be surprised.


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