Stuff We Dig This Week

January 30, 2017

Our Top 5

KIA NIRO – ‘Hero’s Journey’
WHAT: Kia Niro’s ad for their new eco-friendly car.
WHY WE DIG IT: Kia features Melissa McCarthy’s amazing physical comedy to show us just how simple it can be to become an eco-warrior.

VOGUE – ’73 Questions With Lena Dunham’
WHAT: Vogue asks Lena Dunham 73 questions at rapid fire.
WHY WE DIG IT: With the final season of Girls just around the corner, it’s important to stay up to date on how many pant suits Lena Dunham currently owns or what all her tattoos mean.

WHAT: This video takes the audio from a speech former United States President Barack Obama gave on his campaign trail in 2008 and pairs it with original animation from 14 different artist from around the world, to create a truly inspiring visual experience.
WHY WE DIG IT:  On the heals of the United States inauguration, it is important to remember the legacy Barack Obama has left on the country and the big shoes newly elected President Trump will have to fill.

SKITTLES – ‘Romance ‘
WHAT: Amazingly hilarious Skittles commercial.
WHY WE DIG IT: Who doesn’t want to taste the rainbow?

WHAT: Music video made for the song Believer, directed by Christopher Louie and shot in Syria.
WHY: The video was inspired by the images of the Syrian boy, Omran Daqneesh, who was filmed in an ambulance after his house was bombed. This powerful music video promotes relief efforts in Syria.


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