Stuff We Dig This Week

March 29, 2017

Our Top 5

Kirsten Lepore – Hi Stranger
WHAT: A nude claymation figure has some things to say to you
WHY: This video is half meditation affirmation ritual and half looking at a really creepy naked clay man talk slowly to you. Like the majority of the internet, we’re not sure how to feel but we do know this was a video we couldn’t quite stop watching.


Ryu Mieno – Graphic design
WHAT: Bold and striking Japanese graphic design
It’s always inspiring to see how a different language and writing system factors into communication and design. See more here.



Tourism Quebec – A Room with Many Views
WHAT: A travelling couple goes to sleep in a house and wakes up to a new view every day
WHY: A striking and beautiful way to take one of the simplest and commonplace tourism insights – that there’s a lot of variety in a destination – and bring it to life.


Graviky Labs and Tiger – Air-Ink
WHAT: Art created with ink made from air pollution
WHY: How to do social impact initiatives with impact for your brand – the invention responds to a very real and local social problem in London and recycles air pollution into something quite remarkable.

Air-Ink-Family Kristopher-Ho-draws-with-Air-Ink-made-from-London-air-pollution



Volkswagon – Luv Bug
WHAT: A couple upgrades their car through life
WHY: An efficient ad that gets across the brand message, shows off the car (and a bunch of other Volkswagon offerings) and amuses in 60 seconds.

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