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February 6, 2017
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Our Top 5

YOUNG THUG – ‘Wyclef Jean’
WHAT: Young Thug aka Thugger aka Thugger Thugger aka no, my name is Jeffrey failed to show up to his own shoot and the result is the best music video of 2017 so far.
WHY WE DIG IT: Whether it’s real or not (and there’s plenty of speculation that it’s a hoax) Ryan Staake has turned every director’s worst nightmare into the most compelling approach to a music video in a long time – it’s ingenious, funny, and utterly absorbing.

WHAT: Squarespace remind us of the importance of registering your domain name.
WHY WE DIG IT: John Malkovich plays John Malkovich better than anyone and this irreverent piece of content further cements both his willingness to poke fun at himself and his legendary status.

BLEACHER REPORT – ‘Sports Alphabet’
WHAT: Straight fire being spat over amazing animation.
WHY WE DIG IT:  Sure, it’s been eighteen years since the original was released and Blackalicious seem to just be cashing in on Daniel Radcliffe making ‘Alphabet Aerobics’ relevant again, but Gift of Gab still knows his way around a verse and the animation is simply spellbinding.

NUTRI GRAIN – ‘Unstoppable ‘
WHAT: A. Blind. Surfer.
WHY: Nutri Grain’s relaunch of their brand has resulted in a highly compelling call to action. It also doesn’t hurt that the subject matter is fascinating.

OMAZE – ‘Idris Elba Gets Dating Advice From Kids’
WHAT: Pretty much what the title says.
WHY: Cute kids + hot hunk = viral content.


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