Stuff We Dig This Week

June 19, 2017

Our Top 5

Australian Marriage Equality – Listen to Love
WHAT: A brilliant reminder of just how backward our stance on marriage equality is.
WHY: Because it’s f*cking 2017!


Gatorade – Serena Williams’ Match Point
WHAT: A game-changing (don’t forgive the pun, because it’s quite good) approach to an emerging social platform.
WHY:  They literally gamed the system so that you resist the internal logic of Snapchat.





Minnesota Viking – Skol Chant
WHAT: The Viking Clap arrives Stateside.
WHY: Can you imagine how intimidating it would be listening to 66,000 people chanting this in unison?


Brown Cardigan – Dad Prank Fail
WHAT: Using social media for real-time bidding on State of Origin memorabilia.
WHY: The boys really gave it 110%.

How To Basic – How To Make A Candle

WHAT: The ultimate way to show your love this Mother’s Day.
WHY: Five years on this channel is still the fucking best.

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