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December 12, 2016
Pengest Munch

Our Top 5

AIR NEW ZEALAND – ‘Summer Wonderland’
WHAT: Julian Dennison, star of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, collaborates with Ronan Keating on a revised Christmas classic.
WHY WE DIG IT: By focusing on the relationship between Jules and Roman [sic], Air NZ have made a hilarious and genuinely heartwarming Christmas campaign. Plus jandals are always funny.

FORD (Israel) – ‘Ford Edge Blind Spot’
WHAT: Ford harness the full potential of vertical video.
WHY WE DIG IT: Such a simple but effective way of showcasing Ford’s new Blindspot Info System while at the same time capitalising on the momentum of vertical video.

WORLD WILDLIFE FUND (Hungary) – ‘Step into a Miniature World of Animated Paper Wildlife’
WHAT: A visually stunning short film about the interconnectedness of life on earth.
WHY WE DIG IT:  Admittedly it’s not the catchiest title, but this phenomenal animation is one of the best examples of visual storytelling we’ve encountered all year.

PROJECT ONE LIFE – ‘100 People of Dance’
WHAT: One dance routine. 100 people. Utter joy.
WHY: Try watching this without feeling uplifted, a perfect demonstration of how engaging a simple idea can be.

WHAT: Chicken shop reviews for the mandem straight out the LDN.
WHY: Move over Action Bronson, there’s a new Munchies star in the making.


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