Stuff We Dig This Week

May 8, 2017

Our Top 5

Dove – Image Hack
WHAT: Changing the media landscape.
WHY: Dove is a stunt queen. And I approve.


Domino’s – Home for Pizza
WHAT: A shot-for-shot remake of the infamous race home scene from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.
WHY:  Shot-for-shot pieces are always a tall order, but the attention to detail in this spot elevates it something godlike – did someone say Alan Ruck cameo?



Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure – Part II
WHAT: It’s like Lord of the Rings. Without the high fantasy. Also there’s no ring, just balls.
WHY: If this video had existed when I was in school, I would have known how to pass Physics.


Heineken – #OpenYourWorld
WHAT: Guess what time it is? Woke o’clock.
WHY: Pepsi, you played yourself with that Kendall Jenner campaign. Here is Heineken’s response to said fuck-up.



IKEA – The Best Day is the Everyday
WHAT: Dancing aprons.
WHY: Honestly, 0:17-0:26 is what compelled me to share this.

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