Stuff We Dig This Week

May 1, 2017

Our Top 5

Pornhub – TrickPics
WHAT: The first app with animated stickers…for your naughty bits.
WHY: Now your privates can go public! (because who doesn’t like to expose themselves online?!)


Food & Drug Administration Centre for Tobacco Products – Little Lungs
WHAT: Stop-motion PSA Teen Anti Smoking Ads
WHY: If these adorable, shrivelled up pair of conjoined baked potato looking, anthropomorphic smokers lungs don’t convince teens to can the bad habit, we don’t know what will. (seriously tho, how cute are they)



Spectrum- Train
WHAT: A commercial scaring up the laughs promoting Spectrum
WHY: Monsters and Villains shocked by the biggest villain of all… shitty satellite and cable… Seems fair #noargument


The Out There
WHAT: 13 Episode series exclusive to Instagram
WHY: Pushing the boundaries of Instagram as a space no longer to showcase one’s selfie abilities, travel experiences and #foodporn glory. This supernatural inspired spooky and strange but also sexy and silly insta series got us thinking !


Toyota ‘The Making Of the New Vitz Story’
WHAT: An entertaining short film for Toyota’s Vitz Hybrid in Japan
WHY: Poking fun at the process many creative directors go through in finalising an ad …a process we are way too familiar with.


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