Stuff We Dig This Week

April 24, 2017

Our Top 5

Gatorade – G-Active
WHAT: Next-level water.
WHY: The opening question is, “What if your water was as active as you?” …Idk about you, but as someone who has a promising future in the third circle of Hell, that analogy isn’t saying much. Cool graphics tho.


Volkswagen – Tiguan
WHAT: This car has technology that is EXTRA.
WHY: It chronicles the alien abduction quest of a middle-aged white dude. V entertaining.



Designated Survivor – feat. Ford Fusion
WHAT: Shameless product placement.
WHY: People have been throwing some serious shade at this scene for being so obvious. But what do you think? Is the product placement blatant, or #brave?


Samsung Galaxy A5 – ‘Bring Your A-Game’
WHAT: Broadcast how awesome you are with this awesome phone.
WHY: “No you’re not hardcore, unless you live hardcore” – Jack Black as Dewey Finn, School of Rock (2003)



Carlsberg – The Danish Way
WHAT: The tagline is “Probably the best beer in the world”
WHY: This is quality puffery.

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