Stuff We Dig This Week

April 17, 2017

Our Top 5

Telstra – A network built for what comes next
WHAT: ~Magic~
WHY: In this spot, Telstra promises that they’re gonna make holograms happen. #SoFetch


Snapchat – World Lenses
WHAT: Customized, real-time filters.
WHY: World Lenses is a new feature that gives you the tools to design and enhance the world around you. So if you’re looking to glow-up your Snap Stories, check this out:



Orange – Papa Cool & The Family
WHAT: A rap music video with comedic elements. In French.
WHY: The beat is sick & the vibe is legit. This track puts the ‘fire’ in ‘fibre’ (because that’s what the song is about…fibre).


Google Earth – This is the new Google Earth
WHAT: Planet Earth is now at our fingertips (and by fingertips, I mean computer screens).
WHY: Gone are the grainy pictures of yesteryear… Now you can explore the world in 3-D! (Seriously tho, these visuals are QUALITY)



PayPal – “Flexibility”
WHAT: The different ways in which you can spend your money.
WHY: This laid-back ad lets you know that PayPal makes it easier to #TreatYoself. As if I needed another reason.

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