Stuff We Dig This Week

April 4, 2017

Our Top 5

Gorillaz – Saturnz Barz (Spirit House) 360
WHAT: A trippy animation that’ll get you hype for the new Gorillaz album
WHY: This uniquely experiential video is both visually dynamic and auditorily bumpin’. The long-awaited ‘Humanz’ drops 28th April, so get ur body ready. 


Adobe Stock
WHAT: How to deal with the ‘brilliant’ ideas of a workplace superior
WHY: This ad is a humorous take on the impending existential crisis that many modern professionals find #relatable. It’s a subtle yet entertaining intro to the wide range of tools Adobe offers – designed to meet your creative & technological needs.



Make a Date with Harlequin – Viking!
WHAT: Will make you believe in romance novels again.
WHY: Epic. Breathtaking. Heart-racing. A love story for the ages. Forget Prince Charming – tell eHarmony I’m in the market for a viking.


Planet Earth – Bin Chicken
WHAT: A look at the evolution of city-dwelling birds, and the fate of our planet.
WHY: This satirical spot addresses the ever-present issue of pollution, serving as a light-hearted conduit for a greater call-to-action. The take-home message? We must improve our treatment of the environment, lest we face the imminent #RiseOfTheBinChickens.



AIG Japan – #TackleTheRisk
WHAT: Rugby players tackling unsuspecting citizens and inciting general mayhem, then smoothing things over.
WHY: In essence, this action-packed commercial is the personification of a slightly-too-firm handshake that lets you know it’s all good…as long as you’re covered by AIG insurance. Plus it features a dashing team of fit athletes, which is always fun.

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