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March 6, 2017
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Our Top 5

RED NOSE DAY – Pink Windmills

WHAT: In the ultimate throwback, the original Pink Windmill kids return to re-create their iconic music video and dance for a good cause.
WHY WE DIG IT: The ultimate throwback to 80s kids show music with great attention to detail (check the sad girl next to Abbie!). You’ll smile and then realise you’re kind of getting old. But that’s okay. At least you still got the dance moves.

AUDI – ‘Enter the Sandbox VR Experience’

WHAT: Audi creates a 3D VR render of a real sandbox, and allows you to drive around in it using VR technology.
WHY WE DIG IT: It’s tough to show off the wonders of new technology and integrate it with a brand story, but Audi have done a good job of showing how VR can integrate and transform the childhood joys of playing in the sandbox. The fact it can also show off the interior of its new model doesn’t hurt either.

COCA-COLA – ‘Pool Boy’

WHAT: Hot pool boy on a hot day. More than one person in the family is thirsty.
WHY WE DIG IT: You don’t have to avoid cliches for an entertaining ad – this one is a play on every classic in the book, with a dash of typical sibling rivalry and a twist at the end that you may already predict. Set to vintage Italian music. Because of course it is.

ADIDAS – ‘Tango League’

WHAT: A high energy imagining of your phone (and life) if you win the Adidas Tango League
WHY WE DIG IT: The chaotic energy to this ad and its harnessing of every social media platform under the sun is unusual but makes you feel like you’ve already won – and what better way to get people to enter the competition than that?

HOTKENOBI – Action figures come to life

WHAT: Japanese photographer uses familiar pop culture figures to create epic and hilarious photos
WHY WE DIG IT: Is this not why miniature action figurines and cameras were invented? We love the sheer creativity at play here – awesome crossovers, Captain America and Iron Man romance (and La La Land reference), and epic shots that take advantage of the miniature scale. More laughs in the full set here.



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