Stuff We Dig – June 2016

May 1, 2016

Our Top 5:

OPORTO “Marketing 101 & 102 feat. Neel Kolhatkar”
WHAT: Videos by YouTube Comedian Neel Kolhatkar featuring Oporto products.
WHY WE DIG IT: With these videos, Oporto have created content with their specific audience in mind. The videos work despite having little branding. Humour sells.

KELLOGG’S AUSTRALIA “Amazing Creations  feat. Zach King”
WHAT: Kellogg’s dives into Vine style videos to hook Gen Z and Y.
WHY WE DIG IT: By matching Zach’s style, Kellogg’s have given themselves an opportunity for their product to appear in a refreshing and authentic way whilst still being entertaining.

SFGATE #MutualRescue
WHAT: A documentary about how a shelter dog saved a man’s life.
WHY WE DIG IT: Whilst mutual rescue is a territory explored by many animal shelters, the way they have treated this documentary is especially nice (in addition to actually creating the hashtag). By having an earnest talking head piece coupled with some overlay and animation, they have made an extremely shareable piece which made me cry like a lil bitch.

APPLE “iPhone 6s – Timer”
WHAT: Ridiculously cute spot featuring the Cookie Monster using the Siri function.
WHY: By using humour and nostalgia, Apple have managed to freshen up the celebrity Siri campaign. AND it gave them another PR opportunity in releasing a blooper reel.

TOYOTA “LandCruiser Emergency Network”
WHAT: An incredible way to create a new infrastructure using Toyota LandCruisers.
WHY: In a world where you can donate a chunk of change to an organisation or actually be the difference, Toyota has seen an opportunity to really benefit their existing community of LandCruiser owners.

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