Shell – R.W. Grace (Dylan Duclos)

June 5, 2015

Our very own Dylan ‘Dilly Pickles’ Duclos has truly been making a name for himself when it comes to Music Videos and his latest offering is no exception.

An important release for the newly renamed Perth artist, R.W. Grace, the visual accompaniment to the track ‘Shell’ tells the story of a patient confined by a cult-like institution, exploring a realm of inner conflict and human experimentation in order to discover her true self.

Pickles tells us, “With Shell, I wanted to take my fascination with existential crises and really play up the darker undertones of the song. Grace’s character undergoes a series of experimental transformations inside a a cult-like institution, which guides her closer to the person she truly wants to be. This inner conflict results in an inevitable cycle where she is torn between two realities of herself; one that yearns for more and another that drags her down”

Another day, another slam dunk.


Director: Dylan Duclos
Producers: Amy Jarman & Morgan Taylor
1st Assistant Director: Joshua Hourigan
Director Of Photography: Aaron Mclisky
Steadicam: Tim Walsh
1st Assistant Camera: Onni Elliot
Gaffer: Storm Ashwood
Production Designer: James Hills
Costume Designer: Phoenix Keating
Visual Effects: Heather Galvin
Colourist: Matt Fezz
Hair & Make Up: Aleks Abadia at Esstudio Galleria
Set Dresser: Amy Williamson
Set Dresser 2: Lauren Miller
Production Assistant: Olivia Reddy
Behind the Scenes: Tim Nathan

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