We help NRMA Wave Goodbye To Road Rage

May 3, 2016

We have teamed up with NRMA on their new behaviour change campaign to address the growing problem of road rage, one of the most serious concerns of its members.

The “Wave Goodbye To Road Rage” campaign aims to get all road users to re-appraise their behaviour on the road, arming them with 4 simple “Road Wave” gestures to head-off potential incidents.

“Driving & cycling on Sydney roads has been a hotly debated topic in our office for some time.” Says our very own Tom Phillips. “It’s a scary place and we’ve all been the victim or perpetrators of road rage of some degree. We felt passionate enough about it to approach the NRMA and work together with them to develop the campaign. Fortunately for us NRMA felt equally as passionate and got behind the initiative.”

NRMA’s Advocacy & Community Content Manager Wade O’Leary says  “This initiative is a great way for us to reach our members & non-members to address a serious problem.  In a survey of 1200 members conducted last year two-thirds of respondents had been the victim of a road rage incident and 80 per cent had witnessed an attack.  Perhaps even more alarming is that 1 in 4 incidents had been witnessed by children.  So it’s important for us to start getting road users and their children to reconsider behaviour on the road, otherwise it becomes a compounding issue.”

Creatively the campaign aims to shine a light on the absurdity of road rage, no one ever feels like a winner after they’ve raged.  We collaborated with writer / director Kelly Boulton (Sesame Street, ABC TV) who developed the film into a song (singing it as well) and directed it in collaboration with illustrator / animator Suren Perera from Renmotion.

“The simplicity of a cartoon and the repeat viewing of a song felt like the right way talk to both adults and kids.” says Partner Dave Jansen “Naturally people are comparing it to Dumb Ways to Die, which was never the inspiration but we’re happy to go with it if it gets us 128 million views.”

RoadWave was launched organically to NRMA’s Facebook community yesterday and will receive further media support over the next few days.


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Client – NRMA (Wade O’Leary & Reg Chamberlain)
Brand – NRMA
Original Concept – Infinity Squared
Strategy Director / Managing Partner – Tom Phillips
Project Management – Gwendolyn Jimenez
Writer & Director – Kelly Boulton
EP – Dave Jansen
Producer – Morgan Benson-Taylor
Production Assistant – Amy Jarman
Animator and  – Illustrator – Suren Perera “Renmotion”
Composers – Damian de Boos – Smith and Kelly Boulton
Lyrics – Kelly Boulton (verses) and Nick Boshier (chorus)
Performed by – Damian de Boos – Smith (instruments), Kelly Boulton (vocals) and Matt Seaberg and Yiscah Symonds (character voices)
Recorded at – Church Street Studios, Sydney
Sound Mix – Kath Burrows at Noise International

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