Influencer Spotlight: @vincelam On Simplicity In Photography

February 8, 2017
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18-year-old young gun Vince Lam’s collection of travel photography at @_vincelam highlights an eye for minimalism and striking composition that is beyond his years. We love the particular emphasis on dynamic lines and silhouettes and his restrained colour palette. And he mostly shoots on an iPhone to boot—gotta photography at its simplest and most convenient!  


Can you give us some insight into your background – what you studied, where you worked? How did you get into photography and Instagramming?

I am currently an undergraduate at the University of Sydney about to enter my second year of my commerce degree, majoring in marketing. At first, I hated photography but it wasn’t until I downloaded Instagram and bought my iPhone 5S when my interest in photo-taking actually flourished. It was during that time, when I first started attending photo meet-ups when my photography journey began where I had also met some of Sydney’s best photographers.

How would you describe your Instagram’s ‘brand’ and what was the process to getting to that identity?

Given the photos I post, I’d describe my Instagram’s ‘brand’ as a small collection of my travel pics. Despite a few random architecture and food photos in my feed, having to maintain it’s identity sometimes proves to be a struggle as I find it difficult to maintain its consistency. With also the lack of time to shoot, the ability to post was also a problem in the process.

What were the biggest challenges to building your Instagram platform? Can you give us some examples?

The biggest challenges to building my Instagram platform would have to be attracting a following as well as having enough photos to post frequently. Having to balance high-school/uni and part-time work didn’t give me much time to go out and shoot. As a result, I tend to space out my posts and try to take as many photos as I possibly can when I travel abroad so that when I return home I can edit my photos and post them overtime.

How long did it take for your Instagram to build its following and how did you handle the initial lack of likes, reposts and attention?

It had actually took me a few years to build my existing following as I didn’t dedicate much time to Instagram and shooting. At first, the initial lack of likes was fine as I was a rookie photographer and didn’t know the ins and outs of Instagram. With the attention, likes and feedback I had received over some of my photos, it had motivated me to keep shooting and to further my interest in photography knowing that there are people out there who appreciate what I photograph and post.

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What’s been the most memorable or meaningful experience you’ve had because of your involvement on Instagram?

The most meaningful experience would definitely have to be meeting some of the amazing photographers in the Sydney Instagram community. I attended meet-ups where I was able to share my interest and passion for photography with all these other like-minded individuals which developed a sense of community that no other social media platform can do. To be able to watch these photographers in their element and also being able to participate in photoshoots is quite an experience.

Who do you enjoy following on Instagram and who inspires you?

There are several photographers I enjoy following however, the photographer who inspires me the most would have to be Jack Morris (@doyoutravel). I had only recently followed him but his feed and travel photos seem to always catch my attention. A simple scroll down his feed would instantly make me wanna travel.

Your photos are quite striking and minimalist. What are the most important elements you look for in a great photo?

The most important elements I look for in a great photo would definitely have to be the level of light, the subject matter and the composition. I also take into consideration space in my photography to add a sense of depth in some of my photos.

You’re an iPhone photographer – what are your favourite editing apps on your iPhone and why an iPhone over a camera (DSLR or otherwise)?

I only use two editing apps on my iPhone and they are VSCO Cam and Snapseed. I mostly use an iPhone to shoot since it is always on me which makes it convenient considering that there are times when you may only have the one opportunity to photograph something.

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