Influencer Spotlight: The un-average life of @averageangela

March 1, 2017
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The life of Angela, of @averageangela and @thegirlswhoatetheworld fame, seems to be a consistent parade of food, desserts, flowers and exotic locations and we want in. We love how Angela’s unique colouring style reinforces her distinctive visual brand, along with beautifully styled content.

Can you give us some insight into your background – what you studied, where you worked? How did you get into photography and Instagramming?

I studied a Bachelor of Med straight out of high school and switched to a Bachelor of Science after a few years.  I then started working on the blog during my BSci because it gave me more flexibility and freedom! I got into Instagram because I used to love food and taking photos, but not writing! So one of the girls on the blog suggested we start using Instagram.

Can you run us through your process of prepping your food photos? Have you ever ordered something specifically because it would look good for photos, over taste?

I certainly did fall into that trap early on, especially when we would go out in large groups – it was easy to simply order the whole menu! Now when I go out I don’t usually take photos unless it is on invitation or going specifically to take photos.

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Your Instagram used to be show thin horizontal photos. Why did you make the switch to your current style and what do you like about this current look?

I was used to taking landscape photos when I initially started Instagram so the square format baffled me – rather than adapting to Instagram, I was adamant I wanted to stick with landscape! So I found an app that allowed me to stick with this format.  Since then I’ve conformed and Instagram has also changed their posts to allow portrait, square and landscape photos

How would you describe your Instagram’s ‘brand’ and what was the process to getting to that identity?

I think the “brand” of our Instagram is fluid – we’re always changing and testing out different styles or adapting it to our own lives and what we do rather than sticking to one theme monotonously and becoming bored with doing the same things.  I like to think it’s a little ADHD just like me.

What were the biggest challenges to building your Instagram platform? Can you give us some examples?

The biggest challenge for us is sometimes having the creativity to change the style – once we become bored of one style we tend to slow down with posts until we find something else that really excites us!

How long did it take for your Instagram to build its following and how did you handle the initial lack of likes, reposts and attention?

We had 11 followers for the first 3 months, then when the Instagram food community in Sydney began growing in July 2015 we started hitting rapid growth and it was difficult for us to handle the increased comments on posts.  I palmed off the work to Stace which is why we call her our manager! Haha!

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What’s been the most memorable or meaningful experience you’ve had because of your involvement on Instagram?


The best part about Instagram is the people you meet – there are a lot of creatively interesting individuals and a multitude of personalities! I’ve met a couple of my closest friends off Instagram and are so grateful for them in my life.

Who do you enjoy following on Instagram and who inspires you?


I’m currently loving @parisinfourmonths, and @gatherandfeast for their strong Instagram aesthetic.  Before I started IG I was already an avid follower of PIFM!.


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