A Double Whammy for Dylan Duclos

March 31, 2016

Dylan ‘Dilly Pickles’ Duclos has done it again with another epic Emma Louise music video. His new creation ‘Talk Baby Talk’ premiered today on Interview Magazine.

Pickles says, “When I first heard ‘Talk Baby Talk’ there was something implicitly brooding about it and that was something I wanted to explore visually. Emma came to me with a loose idea of what she wanted to do and from there we went back and forth until we were happy with what we had…”

This is Pickles’ second stint with Emma Louise, the first being the video for ‘Underflow.’ With his conceptually artistic approach (and a lot of plaster!) his work for ‘Underflow’ has been so well received, it has been selected to be shown at the Cleveland International Film Festival right now. The festival opens today, and will be showing ‘Underflow’ in the newly curated video section until the 10th of April.

More from our broody little magicmaker here.

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