The Return of an Icon


How do you bring back an icon? If you’re Tooheys, you listen to your online community and put Hindy and his best mate in charge.

In response to demands from their online community, we’ve collaborated with Tooheys New to drop a limited edition release of the iconic white Tooheys can, just in time for Summer.

The demand is the result of a tactical video series released earlier in the year by Infinity Squared (that’s us), which told the story of two loveable characters: Hindy (Nathan Hindmarsh), his best mate Can (a talking classic Tooheys can) and, the great love they have for their state. Watch it here.

Off the back of this project, fans began lobbying Tooheys to bring back the iconic can, with Tooheys New responding with the limited edition release cans.

To promote the launch of the iconic cans, watch as Hindy and Can embark on another adventure, taking over the marketing department of Tooheys for a day.